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  2. Hey Rebecca,
    In our school we science teachers are asked to show presentation showing connection between science and literature, how can we connect them together while teaching to our students, what are the ideas!! As i have never been so familiar with literature so i having trouble can you pass me some ideas so me and my colleagues can know about it and also we could use the ideas of connection between them while we teach.
    Eagerly waiting for you quick response as the date of presentation is getting nearer and nearer.

  3. Hi Anouskaa

    Great to hear that you are talking to your pupils about science and fiction.

    The lab lit website is a good resource: http://www.lablit.com. One of the things it aims to do is use fiction to give an insight into what it is like to be a scientist. Science is done by people, which brings in biases, and fiction can explore that.

    Fiction, especially science fiction, has sometimes shaped our ideas of what is possible, and of what is desirable. Science is neutral, but what we do with it is not – nuclear weapons, AI, gene editing and technologies which damage the environment are examples of where science can be used to ill effect. Fiction can be used to explore the issues, for example by depicting the possible impacts of technology. I have just finished reading Trinity by Louisa Hall, which tackles issues of where a scientist’s responsibilities lie. If a scientist develops a bomb are they responsible for how it is used?

    Hope that helps,

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