I sculpt in polymer clay and paint in alcohol ink.

Polymer clay

Polymer clay is often known by the brand-name Fimo, which was originally developed as a child’s toy. The vast array of colours available make it ideal for jewellery, and it has the added bonus of being extremely lightweight. Most of my pieces have additions of small amounts of acrylic paint, mica powder, or gold or silver leaf. I have a range of jewellery for sale – please get in touch if you would like to see some more designs. Earrings are £17.50, necklaces are £15 and brooches are £20.

The photos of my working process are by artist Clare Law

Alcohol ink

I initially used alcohol ink to colour polymer clay, then started to paint with it when I realised the possibilities the vibrant colours provided. It is beautiful and unpredictable as the colours blend into one another. One feature is that it is fast drying, and wet ink makes a tide mark when it meets ink that has already dried. This provides a challenge to work fast enough in areas of smooth colour, and is an asset when a colourful jagged line is the desired effect.

My work is for sale as original framed paintings and as greetings cards. Please get in touch if you would like to know what is available.