Places I Don’t Belong

Places I Don't Belong CoverIs a criminal responsible for their actions? Is anyone?

My second novel, Places I Don’t Belong, explores the theme of personal responsibility, and questions whether anyone is in control of their own actions. It starts with the narrator, a scientist and mother, receiving a phone call that leads her to doubt all she knew about herself, her family and the world.

Read the opening pages online.

I have made it free as an ebook and audiobook for people to enjoy during lockdown and beyond. You can download the ebook in three formats:

MOBI (suitable for Kindle)

EPUB (suitable for other eReaders)

PDF (suitable for your computer)

You can also read them on your tablet or smartphone, with an appropriate app. There’s lots of advice online of how to do this, and my phone suggested a suitable app when I downloaded the book from the link above.

Here’s the first chapter as audio:

You can listen to the complete audiobook on SoundCloud.

Writing Places I Don’t Belong led me to all sorts of fascinating information about the ways that disease, our biology and our environment affect our behaviour, as well as about the criminal justice system. I’ve shared some of this information on the pages below.

Chapter 3: Epigenetics

Chapter 4: Prison Life

Chapter 7: False Confessions

Chapter 8: Hungry Judges

Chapter 9: Nature and Nurture

Chapter 10: Prison Healthcare

Chapter 12: Virginian School Teacher

Chapter 12: Brain Tumours and Behaviour

Chapter 15: Schizophrenia

Chapter 17: Automatisms

Chapter 17: PMT

Chapter 17: Patrizia Gucci

Chapter 18: Restorative Justice

Chapter 19: Charles Whitman

Chapter 20: Voices in our Heads

Chapter 20: Teenage Brains

Chapter 20: Parkinson’s Disease

Chapter 21: Brain Dissection

Chapter 21: Lewy Body Disease

Chapter 22: Impact of Rape

Chapter 22: Determinsim

Chapter 22: Pleasure and Want

Chapter 23: Virtuous Pedophiles

Chapter 25: Phineas Gage

Chapter 26: Huntington’s Disease

Chapter 27: Hormones

Chapter 32: Dissociative Seizures