Is that Fish in your Tomato?

Is that Fish in your Tomato? explores the environmental and social issues surrounding genetically-modified foods, and will appeal to anyone who is curious about what they are eating. It is available on Amazon (also in the USA) or from bookshops. The Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping.

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Anyone with an e-reader can download a sample chapter from Amazon, or you can have a taster through my articles in Scientific AmericanThe Biologist or Popular Science.

Is that fish in your tomato? Rebecca Nesbit, popular science book on GMOs, genetically modified crops

Is That Fish in Your Tomato is a sorely needed antidote to the seemingly endless tide of misinformation that has long engulfed the debate about GM crops. Clear-headed and with a strictly fact-based view of the issue, it highlights the complexities inherent in understanding the multiple ways in which plant genetic engineering can and has been used in the real world. If you want to get beyond post-truth on the issue of GMOs, Nesbit’s book is a great place to start.”

Mark Lynas, author, journalist and environmental activist

“The author has breathed a breath of fresh air into the still controversial and mythologized topic of genetic modification. If you want an accessible, balanced, and well-researched account of the pros and cons of GM technology, read this book.”

Professor John Lucas

“Is that Fish in Your Tomato is an admirable attempt to summarise a complex and controversial topic in an honest and open-minded way. Throughout, Nesbit encourages the reader to make up their own mind, and treats all the viewpoints she encounters with respect no matter how irrational. The debate around GMOs is not likely to be settled anytime soon, but if more people read books like this then at least the discussion will be an intelligent one.”

Tom Ireland, Editor, The Biologist (read the full review)

“This book won’t necessarily give you easy answers but it will encourage you to ask better questions.”

Nessa Carey, author The Epigenetics Revolution