2020 – Laugh or You’ll Cry

The dawn of a global pandemic
sadly struck in Twenty-Nineteen.
The state of Wuhan is where it began,
then unfolded a terrible scene.
We don’t know which species it came from,
though we think that they got it from bats.
There were rumours a lab had released it,
which led to political spats.

So Europe was plunged into lockdown,
our liberties all were revoked.
Some of us sprang into action,
while others just ate, drank and smoked.
The lockdown was tough for all parents,
each person confined to the house.
Some went out of their minds, left their senses behind,
when trapped all alone with their spouse.

Politics made lots of blunders,
MPs spread some incredible lies.
‘Inject us with bleach!’ said the man like a peach,
so Nobel passed him up for a Prize.
Our leader, he tried to be Churchill
and made pleas in a cringeworthy speech,
but the people were keen to ignore him,
and flocked to join crowds on the beach.

The days could get boring or lonely
and the news was continuous gloom,
but whatever the cost, all was not lost
‘cos I met with my school friends on Zoom.
Likewise Suzannah and Beatrix
sent messages all through the day.
My family zoomed in the evenings,
and Drawful was endlessly played.

We valued the people around us,
the neighbours who live down the street.
Though we see friends on Zoom, when they’re in the room,
it feels like a wonderful treat.
We gathered in parks and in gardens,
in parties of no more than six.
We tried to maintain social distance…
at least till we’ve had a few drinks.

Lots of us ate too much chocolate
and put on a fair bit of weight.
We bought food online, drank too much wine,
and got out of bed far too late.
We found ways to keep up our fitness,
with video workouts at home.
We did yoga on living room carpets,
and counted our steps on our phones.

We supported our carers with rainbows
and clapped from our doorways at eight.
Though they lacked PPE, some worked almost for free,
and the burden was simply too great.
When Boris was struck down with COVID
we hoped he would start to see sense,
but he thought that a pay rise for nurses
was rather a pointless expense.

The reach of the virus is global
and it’s clear there is no going back
It seems that it pays, to discard some old ways,
though our freedoms feel under attack.
We can’t get together for parties
or travel the world on a whim.
Instead we are all wearing masks now,
and keeping away from the gym.

It’s hard to be parted from loved ones
and sad we can no longer touch.
We want to have cuddles, beyond our close bubbles,
We’re missing our families so much.
We’ve been forced to abandon our hobbies,
and give up our socials and clubs.
Let’s hope we can soon be united,
and show our affection with hugs.