Lockdown entertainment

1. Virtual museums
Visit museums from around the world.

2. Boggle
A favourite in the Nesbit household. Rebecca and Beatrix never win, so were hoping to avoid this during lockdown. You can set the board up online and share your screen, or send people a code they can enter to look at the same board on their device.

3. Ticket to Ride 
A favourite in the Watson household. Suzannah advises buying it on STEAM, which has a whole range of games available.

4. Make your own quiz on Kahoot
This recommendation came from Charlotte who is a school librarian so has spent a lot of this year supporting and entertaining teenagers. It’s great for friends and families too.

5. Zooniverse
Contribute to scientific studies.

6. MOOCs
Universities have produced courses on any subject you can imagine, and made them available for free on sites such as Coursera and FutureLearn.

7. Geocaching
This is a tip-off from Rebecca’s parents: It will lead you to interesting or beautiful places near you that you may not otherwise have discovered. It gives a target for a walk on an uninviting day in November!