Rebecca Nesbit

I’m an ecologist, jewellery maker and author, writing fiction and non-fiction on the theme of science and the ethical questions it raises. My first popular science book, Is that Fish in your Tomato?, explores the benefits and the risks of genetically modified foods, and my first novel, A Column of Smoke, is the story of a young scientists whose field trial of GM crops is destroyed by activists. I have a particular interest in conservation ethics: what should we protect and why?

Is that fish in your tomato? Rebecca Nesbit, popular science book on GMOs, genetically modified crops         A Column of Smoke, Rebecca Nesbit

I graduated from the University of Durham, and went on to study butterfly migration for my PhD. I now work in science communication and have a particular interest in citizen science.

Non-fiction topics I enjoy writing about range from pesticides and bioenergy to flying ants. I blog about genetically modified crops and create podcasts about conservation.

Thank you for visiting my website, and please get in touch if you have any suggestions or have ideas of ways to work together. Please follow me on Twitter @RebeccaNesbit.

Science jewellery, Rebecca Nesbit
Science jewellery from my Etsy shop.